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Hey everyone -
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Wicked smaht St. Patrick's Day in Bah-stun.

posted Mar 26, 2012, 6:15 PM by Chris Hall

It was a beautiful weekend in March in Boston this year when showed up for St. Patrick's Day.

Highlights from the weekend:
Visiting the Black Rose (with no lines!)

A giant bug at the absolutely delicious Barking Crab. That place had the absolute best lobster macaroni and cheese I could imagine:

Hanging out with my beautiful wife in South Boston for the parade:

Hanging out with Cliff and all the other firefighters. Great times, and what a warm group:

...and, sadly, seeing the grave of Sam Adams.

All pics are here.  Email me for high-rez versions.

Tierra del Sol 2012

posted Mar 5, 2012, 8:58 AM by Chris Hall   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 12:03 PM ]

I had the absolute best time on this trip, thanks to all who included me. 
For historical accuracy, here was the agenda:
Long drive from Vegas.  We had a stiff headwind and I don't think I could have used more gas if I were throwing buckets of it out the window.  Kelly arrives later, none too impressed with the sleek aerodynamic body style of a Jeep Wrangler.  We anaesthetize her bruised feelings with Tecate and whipped cream vodka/root beer shots from Jenny.  They were so good they almost make me want Kelly to be upset all over again...
Wind. Lots of it.  I am slightly more eager to get started than everyone else, and head over to the terrain park by myself. This turns out to be one of my poorest decisions of the weekend, as it takes me just 15 minutes to tip the Jeep over on its side.  Luckily, not much was hurt (and the Jeep has a few nice glory marks) and I got everything back in working order quickly.  Note that even tipping the Jeep over didn't disturb my fuzzy dice.
Friday afternoon we toured the desert, going to the Pumpkin Patch and cruising through many of the washes.  (GPS attached)  During this ride I had many opportunities to reflect on how hard it is to go anywhere when everyone is drinking, and every sage brush looks like a urinal (or, for ladies, a delightfully appointed lady's room like you might find at the Bellagio).
Here's a nice pic of the girls at the Pumpkin Patch:
Our local guide took time off from this thriving methamphetamine business to give us a tour of The Notch and the Phonebooth. Great day, we saw a ton of rigs and got to do some climbing.  (GPS attached).  I manage to stay upright for an entire day.
In the evening, I shrug off my newbie status and some rather vocal mocking of my fashionable footwear to take down the coveted campsite the Baggo championship with Kevin.  To celebrate, the crew goes out to the terrain park at 2 AM (technically, I suppose, this is Sunday).  I decline to drive, knowing that if I can't stay dirty-side down at 10 AM, my odds go down even further while seeing double after consuming an entire border town's worth of Tecate.
Here's an interesting panoramic shot of our campsite.  I am still learning to use this camera feature.
12 rigs at our site - wow! 
If this post makes its way around, then anyone can reach me at the below email address.  Thanks to all, I had a great time.

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