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Blue Diamond/Cottonwood Valley Blue Diamond to Late Night to Rubber Duckie mountain bike trail

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One great technical climb, and a very good downhill. This trail is for the intermediate-of-heart or better.  Perhaps the best views in Cottonwood Valley.
Elevation total: 951
Distance total: 10.7 miles
Average climb: 3.1%
Steepest climb: 17.6%
Easy XC ride, nothing terribly technical or challenging.  Single track all the way, a great way to break a sweat.

The Details
Thanks again to the Las Vegas Mountain Bike Group on Meetup.com for organizing this group ride.

This was a night ride as the summer starts to heat up here in Vegas.  Start out by parking at McGhie's bike shop in Blue Diamond and headed up the pass to Cottonwood Valley.  Once I got over the saddle, stay right (through a short hill that the group leader called "Heart Attack Hill".

Crossing over the hill, flow to the right through the valley, then cross right again to weave through an short hill/drop.  The trail takes a knee-bend to the left and heads straight West through Cottonwood Valley.

After a short rest, we boogied south uphill to the Late Night parking lot. The lot was littered (literally) with debris here, including some not terribly old 5 gallon paint cans. A good Samaritan would have picked them up (and I will, if I have a car up there).

From the Late Night parking lot, it was all downhill through the Rubber Duckie trail, and then back over the saddle the way we came.

This was my first night ride for quite a while, I enjoyed the hell out of it.  It's the best way to beat the heat in Vegas, and you see entirely different animals at night.  In this case, lots of kangaroo mice and an owl (sitting in the middle of the trail).

Here's the trail map and the elevation plot (click for larger):

Here the link to the GPS file.

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