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Chantry Flats

Chantry Flats Mountain bike ride

Great single-track, littered with stream crossings.

The Details

This was an epic mountain bike ride out in biking-buddy-Dudley’s old stomping grounds in Arcadia.  This ride starts out in a park (for which you may need an Adventure Pass to park). Here's where you'll park:

Chantry Flats trailhead parking lot

The entire ride is composed of beautiful tree-covered single-track with tight, challenging narrow turns.  We must have had at least 8 stream crossings – many of which must be hiked over and cannot be ridden through.

We quickly got on a rather narrow single-track on which we climbed for the first several miles.  The climb was narrow and there are a lot of “high-penalty” spots that you simply don’t want to slip up during.

The downhill section provides a fast and fun narrow single-track fun.  You’ll just be getting comfortable with the trail when you’ll come upon a tight hairpin… great to practice your bike-handling skills.

This ride is fantastically mountainous... check out the map:

...there's no roads!  Awesome.

On this Saturday morning the trail was littered with hikers, if you go for the ride on the weekend be wary of knocking over a pedestrian.

Total elevation for this ride was 1300 feet - not too bad, but not too easy,either.  Here's the plot:

...and finally, the GPX file.