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Cottonwood Valley Mountain Biking Loop

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I rode a short, fast, flat mountain bike loop in the Cottonwood Valley at Blue Diamond in Nevada. This is a fun fast trail with lots of slow, well banked curves.  It's a freakin' blast...

The Details
It's cool in the fall in Las Vegas, which makes great weather for grinding around a bit on a trail. 

This trail starts out a McGhie's Bike Outpost in Blue Diamond, Nevada.  In the past I've been able to rent bikes at this shop, and get fairly good equipment/maps/advice, but it turns out they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  I have heard that they went out of business in 2007 and that they're under new management.

You can park at the bike shop and head southeast from there to the trail head (it's marked as "Spanish Trail" on Google.  I have tried to mark it on the map here:

Start to Blue Diamond Mountain Bike Trail

I've included my Blue Diamond gpx route here.  Here are a couple of notes:

The trail starts out with a gradual climb over a small ridge.  From there you make your way generally to the right wrapping around the mountain that makes the backside of the town of Blue Diamond.

At about mile 2 of my route, I made a sharp right onto a trail marked 'no bikes'.  After having reviewed the same route on Google Earth, I could have gone on another quarter mile and picked up a 'legal' trail that woul dhave wrapped to the right back to the same route.  

At about mile 5 the single track started on a fun combination of soft sand and rocks. It's best to keep your speed as high as possible in order not to bog down in the sand and to be able to clear the rocks.  When you come out of this, the last mile has some great v-shaped dips that make for a fun roller-coaster ride.

This is a fast route - I took it very easy and averaged a little over 7 MPH (with a few rest breaks).  

The route I took had just 500 feet of elevation over 8 miles.  Here's the elevation profile:

and here's a picture of the route on Google Earth:

A great fast ride, and I can't wait to explore some more of the single tracks next time.  There is a map of the trail system here.  I hope to post more routes as I ride them.