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Cottonwood Valley/Blue Diamond Badger pass loop starting at Late Night parking lot

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This is a good easy up-and-down ride with incredible views and some nice downhill.  The ride is entirely single track and finishes out with a good fast single-track. 
Elevation total: 1101 ft
Distance total: 6.43 miles
Average climb: 6.8%
Steepest climb: 14.2%
Not terribly technical or steep - great beginner's ride.

The Details
I took a beginner out for a spin at Cottonwood Valley in the beginning of monsoon weather. We were thankfully safely out of harm's way, and the beginning breezes and cooler weather were a welcome relief on the 4th of July.

We parked at the Late Night parking lot and took off South under the highway.  The trail quickly turns into a rather smooth and fun uphill single-track with a very gradual climb.

After making our way through several pretty desert valleys, we came the base of a little plateau. The trail shoots right up the side of the plateau like it was designed by mountain goats. This marks the end of the climbing and the highest point of the ride at 4712 feet.

From there it's all fun - we bombed down the backside of the plateau, over some neat slickrock and weaved our way back across the highway.

We came out though a different underpass and turned right (downhill) to get back to the Late Night parking lot.

Great ride and some beautiful views.

Here's the trail map and the elevation plot (click for larger):

...here's the GPX file for Google Earth.

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Chris Hall,
Jul 5, 2011, 8:22 AM