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Gravity 29point6 bike review

Hey mud boggers-
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I’ve been riding this Specialized Enduro full suspension bike.  Upgrades are:

  • All-xtr upgrade on drive train and shifters (but not the brakes)
  • Ghetto tubeless fix



...but I just got this 29point6 from BikesDirect "for Christmas" (Fellas - don't take a bike for Christmas. It just means that (a) you have to buy yourself a bike, and (b) you have to buy an equivalent present for your significant other).

I put the bike together, and had the LBS check the derailleur and brakes.

First impressions and changes:

  • I added my crank bros eggbeater pedals
  • Handlebars are a bit narrow, I will probably replace them.  Maybe the grips too.
  • I will be adding the gravity dropper seat holder
  • Seat & seatpost are not too awesome, lucky for me I have a couple of extra seats.  I plan to upgrade to a Gravity dropper sometime soon.  The seat looks a bit... eh... weighty and broad (see below compared to my seat on my Enduro)
Gravity 29point6 vs Enduro seat
  • The QR clamp on the seatpost looks a bit cheap. Easy upgrade...

  • Wheels seem to be OK.  I’ll probably upgrade to ghetto tubeless one of these days.
  • The bike came with Schrader valve rims…  who uses those?


Ride review:

  • Fast!  I know that hardtails are faster than full suspension bikes, and this definitely confirms the impression.  The bike is lighter and feels much more responsive.
  • Definitely less bonking my cranks on the rocks and terrain. Just like I should expect with a 29er...
  • Unexpectedly bonus, I found that climbing little 1-2 sheer bumps is MUCH easier.  I believe this is the 29” rim part of things paying off.  On this trail I usually don’t clean ALL of these bumps on my old Specialized (there are 5-10), but on the new Gravity 29point6 it was easy.
  • I threw a flat on the rear tire about 4 miles into my ride. Interestingly, I found that the tire didn’t pinch-flat like I expected, but split laterally along the length of the tire near the valve.  I get lots of flats on this trail, usually from thorns and pinches.   If you didn’t know, you can definitely use a 26” tube to repair a 29er if necessary. I cut my ride short afterwards, I don’t think I would depend on this tube.  I planned to upgrade to ghetto tubeless anyways…
  • The bike didn’t come with a chainstay protector. Even after one ride, there are a couple of dings on my rear triangle from the chain.  It’s possible that this is indicative of a cheap paint job (although with silver on aluminum who’ll know?).  I'll make one out of my newly split tube and some zip ties...

  • The seat was surprisingly comfortable.  Maybe that slightly broader footprint (buttprint?) evens out the bumps from a hardtail.

All in all, a fantastic bike at the price. It's a keeper, and I'm not going to mind doing the upgrades that it needs.