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Marshal Canyon jump trail

We moutain biked the 'jump trail loop' in Marshal Canyon

The Details
A fantastic short loop through Marshal Canyon.  We start out with a not-too-tough fire road climb, and then rocked down a short single-track back to the bottom of the canyon. 

Next, we climb back up a fairly easy single-track, through a short patch of fire road, and then the fun begins. The middle single track is littered with slow rolling bumps and sharp switchbacks.  Riding this trail is tug-of-war between going fast enough to enjoy the bumps and slow enough not to sail off into space on the sharp corners. As if this isn't enough, the trail is generally loose and many of the corners you'll see your tires churn through about 2 inches of moon dust. 

A skilled rider (we had a couple with us) will enjoy racing down the hill and taking advantage of the well-packed berms. 

At the bottom of this stretch of trail the elevation flattens out and it turns into a fun fast flattish trail.

Finally, you climb out to the parking area on loose dust across a fairly easy single-track.  In 2009, the final climb out is notable for seeing the fire damage from 2008 fires.  The blackened, denuded trees are a bit creepy, it's like riding through the set of Mad Max. 

If you ride this loop, your path will look like:

This climbing on this short loop is not too hairy, about 800 feet of elevation.

All in all this was a fun trail if a little short.  This would be a good candidate for 2 loops - and I'd like to see how I do on another try at the fairly technical downhills.  This area is nice for Southern California as the trees afford a good amount of shade from the sun.

Here's the GPS plot of our path:

marshall canyon ride.gpx

Happy riding!