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Diver's Cove in Laguna Beach


A short, shallow shore dive with my fairly novice diver buddy Teddy in Laguna Beach at Divers Cove.

The Details
We did a 9 AM dive at Diver's Cove in Laguna Beach.  Diver's Cove is a very short drive away from Laguna Sea Sports, you can find it here:

Diver's Cove in Laguna Beach

The visibility was good enough at 10-15 feet. With in incoming tide (high tide was at noon), we had very small amount of surge, and entering and exiting from the beach was notably easy.

The dive was somewhat boring, especially when compared with Shaw's Cove in Laguna.  We found a small reef to the right as we went out, and then swam across a large sandy area to find another medium-sized reef.

One notable thing - Teddy managed to lose his mask and snorkel about halfway through the dive. We actually managed to find it while swimming back to shore and save the rest of the dive. 

During this dive we saw very little sea life but a few very good examples of coral.

For the entire dive we never got deeper than 40 feet, this is a shallow spot.

All in all, I probably won't dive this cove again - there are much more interesting places in Laguna to dive.