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2009 Hope Sight Mission-Vision Blind Center El Monte Half Marathon


A fast flat half marathon in the Legg Lake park in El Monte.

The Details
This was a very small, flat half marathon in Legg Lake park in El Monte put on by Charlie Alewine racing.

This was perhaps the smallest race I've participated in.  It was not very well organized.  The checkin station was set up late and the volunteers didn't seem to know what they were doing. I emailed the event coordinator after the fact, and he was very apologetic. I definitely get the impression that this level of organization was not the norm.

The path for the half marathon was actually 4 loops around the park. The path was completely unmarked and we had a very challenging time finding the right course for the race - in fact, the GPS says that we actually ran 3 different loops throughout the four loop race. 

When it was said and done, the GPS said that I ran 13.5 miles rather than the regulation 13.1.  The official time was 1:52 due to my longer run.  I actually managed to come in 3rd in the overall time out of a field of 15ish...

My time was my fastest ever at 1:48:47 - definitely a good sign for the half marathon in Las Vegas coming up.

On the positive side of things, the race was inexpensive and a great excuse to get out and run.  For a small race, the giveaways were pretty good.

Here's the route:

and the GPS file