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2009 Huntington Beach Distance Derby Run

October 24, 2009

This was a 10 mile race on the beach. It was a beautiful sand-front run. 

The Details
This was a fast, easy run on the boardwalk in Huntington Beach. The run was small (just 300ish runners) and fairly well organized.

The HB Distance Derby has apparently been going on 55 years now, it has a ton of history.  It's a fast course - I managed to come in 4th in my age group, which is amazing for me.

  • Small run, which translates to higher ranking and a better chance of winning
  • A fast field (is that a pro?  It feels like it should be)
  • Just $30, very inexpensive
  • There were actually a fair amount of booths and giveaways for a small run
  • Beautiful location, the Huntington Beach pier is awesome
  • Not just one out-and-back, but two.  A lot of repeated terrain
  • No medals
  • Cheap cotton shirts
  • You share the course with other walkers/runners, although there are not many during the day

I had a fast run and this was great training for the Las Vegas Rock n Roll half marathon.  I'll do it again.

Here's the GPS file for the course.

Chris Hall,
Oct 26, 2009, 6:59 PM