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2009 Six Tunnels Boulder Dam Turkey Trot


The Turkey Trot (6 Tunnels to Hoover Dam) was a 5k and 12k race at the Boulder Dam in Boulder City, Nevada.  Running in the morning really helps to justify some turkey gluttony in the afternoon.

The Details
This was a fun pre-Thanksgiving run at the Boulder Dam. The weather in Las Vegas in November is incredible for a fun run.  Thanksgiving morning is a curse and a blessing - the Wednesday night before T-day is traditionally a fun one for nightlife, but the morning of T-day is a great one in which to build up a calorie deficit that you'll fill later in the day.

Organization and Timing
This event was well organized.  It started on time, and was chip-timed. 

The giveaways are a little below average. There are some neat things in the bags, but no booths at the race itself. 

T-shirts were cotton and a rather garish orange (in celebration of Thanksgiving?). They were good enough but nothing special.

There's nothing really special about these medals.

It was relatively small this year, just 500 runners for both races. By my math that's an average of about 14 runners per age group (awards are broken down into 5 year age groups).  Placing in your age group may be easish (although I found the times for my age group in the 12k to be pretty fast).

The Boulder Dam is a beautiful place to run, it's very scenic.  Running through the six tunnels is a nice twist.

This is an out-and-back course, leaving from the Hacienda Hotel (ish) and turning around at the dam.  The course is billed as "flat" on the website. This may be more-or-less true for the 5k, but the 12k course has some real hills near the turnaround, be warned.  Once you've finished the hills on the way back, it's almost entirely downhill.

Other Pros:
  • This was a very inexpensive race

Unfortunately my GPS died mid-run. I heard from other runners that there is 400-500 feet of climb during the run (although that seemed high to me). Perhaps I'll run this by myself and plot it for the website...