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Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon

I Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon

A fun, well organized race in the COOOLD of December in Las Vegas.  ...and, you get to run on the Las Vegas strip!

The Details

Organization and Timing
This is the best organized run I've ever been on. It started on time, the crowd was divided into starting corrals, there were enough port-a-potties, and we got nearly instant results from our timing chip.  Fantastic!

The technology on this event was great, it had real-time tracking even video-taped my finish!

Giveaways were very good - I got a ton of free bars, drinks, and more. 

The race featured technical t-shirts with a good fit and an attractive logo. 

When we attended the expo (for giveaways) it was super busy, so hard to rake in the loot.

Medals for this race were large and solid.

It's a good crowd at the RnR half marathon. This is a HUGE event (I think 17,000 people?) so there are runners of all skill levels.

It's on the Las Vegas Strip!  It's a great location.

The course is very flat and fairly fast.

I was surprised to see no mainstream bands as part of the lineup... instead, a bunch that I'd never heard of.  Nevertheless, it was nice to have music along the route.

I recommend swinging by a Goodwill or Salvation Army on the way to the race and getting a 'disposable' sweater. This will allow you to warm up in some nice clothes that you don't mind abandoning along the route.

I will definitely run this race again.

Here's a map of the route:

...and here's an elevation map: