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Halloween Trip to New York City

Halloween!  In New York City!

New York City for Halloween.  We eat, drink, make merry, and hilarity ensues.

We'll be staying at 145 Mulberry Street the first 2 nights:

145 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013

Elizabeth Baker 917-208-8787
Signature Properties
(877) 234-0999

Remember that we MUST check out by 1 PM.

For Sunday night we'll move to the Wyndham Midtown Convention Center  on 341 West 36th Street:

341 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018

All reservations are under my name

Arrivals and departures
Cliff, Dondi, Chris, and Kelly:
Arrive:  SNA (9:15 PM) ->EWR (5:14 AM) Continental flight 1686  Friday
Depart:  EWR (11:40 AM) ->SNA (2:49 PM) Continental flight 387  Monday
Raj and Cyndi:

Thu, Oct 29, 2009, Los Angeles International Airport, (LAX)  to  New York J F Kennedy International Airport, (JFK)

Depart: 10:21 PM
Arrive: 06:30 AM

Next day

Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to 
New York, NY (JFK)

JetBlue Airways
Flight 674 
(on Airbus A320-100/200)

Kelly, Cliff, Dondi, Chris
When we land, we'll take a limo from http://americancityexpress.net/
Conf #
1 (800) 410-3114

I spoke with Zain.  The driver will be at baggage claim with a card with my name on it.  Total price, $90 + tax tip and tolls ($130 total)



Really though, come down to one of the Villages (East Village, West Village, or the hosts neighborhood - Greenwich Village, or even the Lower East Side) for nightlife and food. Much less touristy and interesting down here.

Definitely go to the Stanton Social (in the Lower East Side) for dinner one night. Sit upstairs at the tables that look like they're for bottle service (if it's crowded you can slip the gal a $20 and she'll seat you next). GREAT food and a great atmosphere.

For shopping go to Soho. All day.

When in doubt, go out early, get in, relax, and then people will start showing up around 12:30-1am. Really, it's pretty amazing - a place can be EMPTY at midnight and then packed at 1am.

- The Stanton Social (Tapas; Lower East Side)
- Malatesta (Italian; West Village)
- The Spotted Pig (Famous for their burgers and fries, but also have seafood, etc; West Village)

-The Frying Pan @ Pier 66 (at W. 26th St. at West Side Highway) - It's a boat, with a bar and grill, and a wonderful place to watch the sunset. Bring a coat this time of the year.
- PDT ("Please Don't Tell") Call (212) 614-0386 at 3pm on the day you'd like to go. Make a reservation for that evening (it's a good place to get the evening started). It's a "speakeasy" - basically a secret bar - located inside the Crif Dog hotdog restaurant in the East Village (113 St Marks Place). When you get to Crif Dog, go in and along the left wall there's a phone booth. Go into the phone booth, pick up the phone and press the button. A sliding door will open and, assuming you have a reservation, they'll let you in. (No joke. Great cocktails. Order the Hummer hot dog and tater tots. :)
-When you're walking around SoHo shopping during the day, stop by Felix (340 West Broadway) for a cocktail to relax. Sit at the bar.

Rooftop bar:
- The rooftop bar at 230 5th Ave

- Most of the big clubs are in the Meatpacking District. I've really only been to a few because it's such a scene to get in (plus I like the smaller dance places, of which there are many, but are usually only GREAT on weekdays). In the Meatpacking I've been to Bungalow 8 and it was pretty fun.
- If I were you I'd only go to a club on Sunday eve to avoid the bridge & tunnel scene. Sunday eve check out Sway in the West Village. Great 80's DJs. Our friends always see famous people there. I never do. :) Get there a little bit early to grab a table to have a place to sit when it gets way too crowded at 1am.
- One place with dancing that is a little dirty, but still can be very cool and fun, is Lit in the East Village. There's a downstairs too with dancing.

    TBD.  There is talk of lunch on Wall Street.
Saturday/Halloween we're looking to have a rooftop party at Tim & Rachael's place from 6pm-9:30pm, complete with an Acoustic Happy Hour and "spirits", if you will. Kindly come dressed in your Halloween costume. I suspect James and I will play from around 7pm to 8pm, we'll drink, then we'll go out after.

    Rooftop party
NEW YORK, NY 10012

97 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012

Bring your favorite libation.
It's at the corner of Macdougal and Bleeker - every cab driver in the city knows where that is - and the closest subway stop is W 4TH STREET.

2nd stop
            The current plan is to go to this party at the second floor ballroom at the Bowery Hotel. We'll need to get there a bit early to get 30 people in. Yes, 30.



    Part of the crew leaves for the left coast again...